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Government of Vietnam agrees on development of Law on amendments to Law on Pharmacy

Diễm Quỳnh

On February 29, 2024, the Government of Vietnam promulgated Resolution No. 26/NQ-CP on the thematic meeting on legal development in February 2024.

According to the Resolution, the Government of Vietnam highly appreciates the Ministry of Health of Vietnam for taking charge and cooperating with ministries and central authorities in actively preparing and presenting Bills according to the Law on Promulgation of Legislative Documents 2015; and

Agrees on the necessity of the development of the Law on amendments to the Law on Pharmacy to institutionalize the viewpoint of the CPV and the State on the protection and care for the health of the people in the new situation; promotion and development of the pharmaceutical industry; rectification of limitations, difficulties, and inadequacies of institutions and laws regarding drug management; assurance of the inheritance, consistency, and synchronization between the Law on Pharmacy and other relevant laws; continuation of the decentralization and reform of administrative procedures regarding pharmaceutical operations.

Because drugs are special goods with high specificity, the Government of Vietnam requests the Ministry of Health of Vietnam to research and adjust the draft Law meeting the following requirements:  

- The draft Law specifies the guidelines on decentralization and assurance of the effectiveness and efficiency of the state management and removes the “ask-give” mechanism to promote the downsizing and simplification of administrative procedures;

- The draft Law has regulations on assurance of people's rights to access drugs, especially new drugs, based on the principles of safety and effectiveness regarding the registration, production, and circulation of drugs and medicinal ingredients; institutionalizes policies on medicinal ingredient development and encouragement of the development of domestically produced drugs according to strategies for developing the pharmaceutical industry promulgated by the Prime Minister of Vietnam;

- The draft Law shall be consistent and synchronous with other relevant laws while ensuring specialized management, in which the management of drug prices shall comply with the Law on Prices 2023 and specialized management requirements to control and avoid sudden and unusual price increases that affect the management as well as rights and benefits of patients;

The Ministry of Health of Vietnam shall take charge and cooperate with the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam, the Office of the Government of Vietnam, and relevant ministries in urgently and adequately collecting suggestions from members of the Government of Vietnam to adjust and complete the Bill according to this Resolution and the Law on Promulgation of Legislative Documents 2015; submit reports to Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam Tran Hong Ha before presenting the Bill to the National Assembly of Vietnam.

The Minister of Health of Vietnam is assigned to, on behalf of the Prime Minister of Vietnam, represent the Government of Vietnam to sign the Statement of the Government of Vietnam for presenting the Bill to the National Assembly of Vietnam in the 7th meeting of the 15th National Assembly of Vietnam.  

See more details in Resolution No. 26/NQ-CP dated February 29, 2024.


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