Document Lookup Instruction



Members may access any web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox, then type in the website address (URL) of your browser.



Fig: Instruction to access TVPL website on Firefox browser


In case members wish to read text content without logging, the TVPL website shall be displayed as follows:



Fig: Logging has not been made


For this case, members need to log in to your account of TVPL with the following instructions:


- Look for the box “Member” in the upper right side of the screen.


- Fill in your user name in the upper box, and then password in the lower box.


- Click on "login" or press the Enter key to log into your account.



Fig. Logging instruction


- Change of account information, go to the "Personal information" in order to change the information requested therein.


- Change of password: go to the "Change password" (after clicking on the red arrow in the member box), then enter the old password which is being used, then enter the new password and confirm the change again.



Fig. Select “Personal information” and “Change password”





2.1 “My documents” utility


“My documents” is a utility that helps members store documents that you are interested in. You can easily and rapidly find them by going to "My documents" in the member box members right under "Personal Information."



Fig. Instruction on going into “My documents” utility


- Store documents into "My documents", the members may enter the content of the document to be stored, then click the "Storage" symbol (heart shape with + symbol)


- Delete that document from the "My documents", the members may enter "My documents", select the document to be deleted, then enter its contents, select "Delete storage" symbol.



Fig. Store documents into "My documents"


2.2  Lookup content


Introduction to the types of document that are provided by TVPL: Documents, official dispatches.


Explanation of terms:


- Legal documents provided by TVPL are mostly legal normative documents and a small portion of direction and management documents.


- Official dispatches are administrative documents used to communicate exchange and give work instruction between state agencies or between superiors and subordinates.


- Standards are regulations about technical characteristics and management requirements as criteria in the production, development, design, quality assessment ...


Document lookup:


+ Search by type of document: select the search boxes such as "legal document", "official dispatch", because each type is stored in different parts. After selecting the type of document to be looked up, enter lookup keywords and click "Search" next to the right or press Enter key to search documents.


+ Search by: time of application (the effective date of document), condition of validity (valid, invalid, no longer appropriate or unspecified); fields and sectors; issue time (by month and year). Quick lookup by clicking: time of application; validity status, field, sector, issue time (the underlined phrases in the line of quick lookup).



Fig. Lookup instruction by type of document


Lookup under the following conditions: click on the "Search" (do not type the keyword into the search box), then select "More condition" for necessary conditions to be added.



Fig. click on the "Search" without the keyword



Fig. click on the "More conditions"


Documents may be searched under the specific conditions including:



Fig. Conditions of document lookup


+ Search in:


- All: keywords shall be found in all document data stored in TVPL.


- Document title: keyword shall be found in document title.


- Document number: search results shall display document number.


+ Issued from: search result shall display documents that were issued during the period selected by members.


+ Language: members may search Vietnamese or English documents (only member using Lawsoft Pro service package may read and download English documents).


+ Condition: this is the validity condition of documents. Members may search documents on the basis of 04 conditions, namely: valid, invalid, no longer appropriate or unspecified.


+ Type of document: lookup based on documents such as laws, decrees, circulars, resolutions, decisions, directives...


+ Issuing agency: search results include documents issued from places such as National Assembly, Government, Prime Minister, Ministries and ministerial-level agencies, General Department of Taxation, Customs, provinces, etc.


+ Signers: search results shall display the name of the signer.


For example: lookup of documents based on the signer as Nguyen Tan Dung shall display all documents signed by Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung.


+ Sort by: the results shall be sorted by:


- Exact document shall appear in ascending order: the most accurate results compared to keyword shall appear in ascending order.


- Newly-issued document shall appear in ascending order: the search results shall display the newly-issued documents in ascending order.


- Newly-issued document shall appear in descending order: the search results shall display the newly-issued documents in descending order.                    


2.3 Document utility


2.3.1 Document display utility


Documents shall be displayed in English translation by default. Members may read/view the Vietnamese version by clicking Vietnamese language tab.



Fig. Document content is displayed in English by default.



Fig. Click Vietnamese tab to read/view Vietnamese version


2.3.2 “Content relation” utility



Fig. Content relation


Content relation is the place showing the direct relationship between the document being read with documents mentioned in that document. Content relation also helps us refer to documents having contents close to the document being read.


2.3.3 "Related Content" utility


This utility enables members to read documents which are related to the content of document being read.



Fig. Related Content


2.3.4 "Document attribute" utility


This utility helps members see the basic attributes of the document being read.



Fig. Document attribute


2.3.5 "Download documents" utility


This utility helps members download documents to your computer for personal use.



Fig: Download documents


Note: The download function of English documents only supports customers using LawSoft Pro service package.




Members who need support may contact the support team of TVPL via the following ways:



- Phone:

+ Switchboard: (08) 3930 3279


+ Mobile: 0906 22 99 66 (Ms. Nguyet)


- E-mail:





Address: 17 Nguyen Gia Thieu street, Ward Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
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