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Procedures for receiving and processing information about radiation and nuclear incidents in Vietnam

Duy Văn

On June 07, 2022, the Minister of Science and Technology of Vietnam promulgated Circular No. 08/2022/TT-BKHCN on economic-technical norms for public services using the state budget in response and handling of radiation and nuclear incidents; etc.

According to the Circular, regulations on procedures for receiving and processing information about a radiation and nuclear incident include:

Step 1: Receiving information

The recipient shall record information according to the set form included in the plan for response to nuclear and radiation incidents.

Step 2: Consulting information

Each provider shall be consulted about self-protection and some recommendations on radiation and nuclear.

Step 3: Processing information

The recipient shall transfer the received information to a point of contact of the standing organization assigned to receive information (point of contact).

The point of contact shall communicate with the provider and confirm the information.

The point of contact shall store information and report it to the head of standing organization.

Step 4: Making decision on verification of information

The head of standing organization shall mobilize technical units to come on the scene to verify the incident and preliminarily determine alert levels in the incident area for response to the incident if necessary.

Circular No. 08/2022/TT-BKHCN comes into force from July 22, 2022.



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