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Formulating regulations on imposing excise taxes on sugary drinks

Như Mai

Ministry of Health promulgated Decision No. 1294/QD-BYT dated May 19, 2022 on the National Nutrition Strategy and Action Plan to 2025, including requirements for formulating regulations on imposing excise taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages (sugary drink).

To be specific, the Ministry of Health has set tasks for formulating nutrition-relevant policies to satisfy emergent and urgent nutrition issues such as:

- Regulations on limiting advertising, promotion and sponsorship of brands for unhealthy foods, especially for children and imposing excise taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages.

- Policies on health insurance covering counseling and treatment services for children with severe acute malnutrition; covering pasteurized donor human milk for infants, premature and ill infants who have not yet accessed to their mothers’ milk; etc.

- Technical guidelines for micronutrient fortification of food.

- Technical standards for school meals, regulations on nutrition and physical activities in schools, regulations on operation of school canteens and assurance about the supply of healthy food for students.

- Guidelines on proper national nutrition, appropriate physical activities for target groups and prevention and control of overweight, obesity and non-communicable diseases.

- Recommendations on workers' meals suitable to their jobs, which will be disseminated and applied in production and business facilities and industrial zones.

- Guidelines for nutrition counseling and breastfeeding support for workers who do not work under employment contracts, etc.

For more details, see Decision No. 1294/QD-BYT coming into force from the day on which it is signed.



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