Article 27.1:  Establishment of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission

The Parties hereby establish a Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission (Commission), composed of government representatives of each Party at the level of  Ministers  or  senior  officials.     Each  Party  shall  be  responsible  for  the composition of its delegation.

Article 27.2:  Functions of the Commission

1.         The Commission shall:

 (a)       consider any matter relating to the implementation or operation of this Agreement;

 (b)       review, within three years of the date of entry into force of this Agreement and at least every five years thereafter, the economic relationship and partnership among the Parties;

 (c)       consider any proposal to amend or modify this Agreement;

 (d)      supervise the work  of  all  committees,  working  groups  and  any other subsidiary bodies established under this Agreement;

 (e)       consider ways to further enhance trade and investment between the


 (f)       establish the Rules of Procedure referred to in Article 28.13 (Rules of Procedure for Panels), and, where appropriate, amend those Rules;

 (g)       review the roster of panel chairs established under Article 28.11 (Roster of Panel Chairs and Party Specific Lists) every three years and, when appropriate, constitute a new roster; and

 (h)       determine whether  this  Agreement  may enter into  force  for  an original signatory notifying pursuant to Article 30.5.4 (Entry into Force).

2.         The Commission may:

 (a)       establish, refer matters to, or consider matters raised by, any ad hoc

or standing committee, working group or any other subsidiary body;

 (b)       merge  or  dissolve  any  committees,  working  groups  or  other subsidiary bodies  established  under  this  Agreement  in  order  to improve the functioning of this Agreement;

 (c)       consider and adopt, subject to completion of any necessary legal procedures by each Party, a modification to this Agreement of 1:

 (i)        the  Schedules  to  Annex  2-D  (Tariff  Commitments),  by accelerating tariff elimination;

 (ii)       the  rules  of  origin  established  in  Annex  3-D  (Product- Specific Rules of Origin) and Annex 4-A (Textiles and Apparel Product-Specific Rules of Origin); or

 (iii)      the  lists  of  entities,  covered  goods  and  services,  and thresholds contained in each Party’s Annex to Chapter 15 (Government Procurement);

 (d)       develop arrangements for implementing this Agreement;

 (e)       seek to resolve differences or disputes that may arise regarding the interpretation or application of this Agreement;

 (f)        issue interpretations of the provisions of this Agreement;

 (g)       seek the advice of non-governmental persons or groups on any

matter falling within the Commission’s functions; and

 (h)       take any other action as the Parties may agree.

3.         Pursuant to paragraph 1(b), the Commission shall review the operation of this Agreement with a view to updating and enhancing this Agreement, through negotiations, as appropriate, to ensure that the disciplines contained in this Agreement remain relevant to the trade and investment issues and challenges confronting the Parties.



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