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Airspace restrictions for unmanned aircraft to come in use

Sỹ Hiếu

Ministry of National Defense has just issued the Official Dispatch No. 4415/BQP-TM regarding the establishment of prohibited or restricted zones for unmanned aircraft and ultra-light flying equipment.

According to this document, in order to ensure the uniform and effective implementation by ministries, sectoral administrations and local authorities, the Ministry of National Defense implements several tasks and the schedule as follows:    

- From July to November 2020: Conducting surveys before setting up the complete organizational machinery of the central and local Steering Committee.

- From October to December 2020: Completing technical instructions, providing bases for making the cost estimate.

- From December 2020 to January 2021: Holding (online) training sessions.

- From January to March 2021: Affiliated units carry out their assigned tasks, sending data by using sample questionnaires to the Steering Committee (via Department of Mapping).

- From February to April 2021: Synthesizing data, carrying out inspections and verifications (if necessary), and integrating data into the map database.

- From April 2021: Publishing such data on the web portal of the Ministry of National Defense.

For more details, please read the Official Dispatch No. 4415/BQP-TM dated November 25, 2020.   



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