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Persons wishing to go overseas COVID-19 are tested for COVID-19

Hoàng Thái

This policy is mentioned in the Official Dispatch No. 4847/BYT-DP regarding the provision of COVID-19 tests for persons demanding cross-border exit.

By this document, the Ministry of Health advises the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, and People’s Committees of provinces and cities to take the following regulatory actions:

- With regard to foreigners currently living and working in Vietnam, or Vietnamese persons demanding cross-border exit and wishing to obtain the Certificate of non-positive for SARSCoV-2:

+ Requesting diplomatic missions or United Nations-controlled organizations in Vietnam, organizations or units sending Vietnamese workers or students abroad to compile the detailed lists;

+ Sending these lists to the offices of the National Steering Committee for prevention and control of COVID-19 disease (controlled by Ministry of Health) or Steering Committees for prevention and control of COVID-19 disease in provinces and cities (controlled by Departments of Health) for their review and instructions on how to conduct these tests.

- Laboratories or testing facilities or centers conduct these tests and grant Certificates of non-positive for SARS-CoV-2 to requesting individuals and organizations;

Upon receipt of positive test results, actions like medical quarantine or isolation, patient monitoring and reporting of the positive cases to competent authorities must be promptly taken as a basis for implementation of further disease control measures prescribed by law.

For more details, please read the Official Dispatch No. 4847/BYT-DP issued on September 11, 2020.


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