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Equivalent higher education qualifications are now defined

Mộng Thơ

Government has promulgated the Decree No. 99/2019/ND-CP providing instructions for implementation of the amended 2018 Law on Higher Education.

The amended 2018 Law on Education stated that "Academic degrees in the national education system include bachelor’s degrees, master’s degree, doctoral degrees, and other equivalent level qualifications”.

This Decree defines that equivalent level qualifications are those educational certification documents granted after completion of levels of certain particular specialties, including:

- Medical practitioner’s degree, dentist’s degree and traditional medicine practitioner’s degree.

- Pharmacist’s degree.

- Veterinarian’s degree.

- Engineer’s degree.

- Architect’s degree.

- Other qualifications subject to the Government’s particular regulations.

All of the aforesaid qualifications are conferred upon graduates from training programs, each of which contains the volume of study as follows:

- Those who graduate from upper secondary education or equivalent programs, or higher education programs, must complete at least 150 credits or 30 credits, respectively; 

- Those who hold Level-7 educational qualifications according to the National Framework of Reference of Vietnam must complete at least 90 credits.

Decree No. 99/2019/ND-CP is taking effect on February 15, 2020. 



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