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Retail prices of domestic electricity supply officially rise from March 20, 2019

Ngọc Duy

This is the highlight of the Decision No. 648/QD-BCT that makes an adjustment in the average retail price of electricity and regulates electricity selling prices.

From March 20, 2019, the Decision prescribes that the average electricity retail price will be 1,864.44 dong/kWh (excluding VAT), increased to 143.79 dong/kWh as compared to the price referred to in the Decision No. 4495/QD-BCT in 2017.

This Decision also quotes retail electricity prices applied to different groups of consumers and those applied to electricity retailers (VAT has not yet been included).

Noticeably, the retail prices of domestic electricity will be divided into 6 grades and calculated according to the progressive pricing method as follows:

Grade 1: The price of 0 – 50 kWh is 1,678 dong/kWh (the preexisting price is 1,549 dong/kWh);

Grade 2: The price of 51 – 100 kWh is 1,734 dong/kWh (the preexisting price is 1,600 dong/kWh);

Grade 3: The price of 101 – 200 kWh is 2,014 dong/kWh (the preexisting price is 1,858 dong/kWh);

Grade 4: The price of 201 – 300 kWh is 2,536 dong/kWh (the preexisting price is 2,340 dong/kWh);

Grade 5: The price of 301 – 400 kWh is 2,834 dong/kWh (the preexisting price is 2,615 dong/kWh);

Grade 6: The price of at least 401 kWh is 2,927 dong/kWh (the preexisting price is 2,701 dong/kWh).

The retail price of domestic electricity consumption measured by card meters will be 2,461 dong/kWh.

The start date of application of the new electricity retail prices will be March 20, 2019.  



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