Remarkable policies coming into force from the beginning of December 2018 (part 2)

06/12/2018 11:20 AM

THƯ VIỆN PHÁP LUẬT would like to introduce policies that come into force from December 1st – 10th, 2018:

Trọng Nhân

9. Multiple Circulars will be annulled from December 01, 2018

- Circular No.95/2018/TT-BTC promulgated by the Ministry of Finance on October 17, 2018 annuls the three following Circulars on import and export duty:

+ Circular No.35/2010/TT-BTC providing guidelines for export duty on wood and coke commodities produced from imported materials;

+ Circular No.118/2011/TT-BTC providing guidelines for import duty and value-added tax on imports of power projects;

+ Circular No.10/2015/TT-BTC providing for implementation of Decision No.54/2014/QD-TTg on exemption from import duty on components used for manufacturing/assembling medical equipment given priority  

- Circular No.12/2018/TT-BNV promulgated by the Ministry of Home Affairs on October 09, 2018 annuls the two following Circulars:

+ Circular No.01/2006/TT-BNV providing guidelines on settling complaints against decision on disciplining officials in regulatory administrative agencies; 

+ Circular No.14/2011/TT-BNV providing for management of documents established during operations of People’s Councils and People’s Committees of commune-level

- Circular No.30/2018/TT-BVHTTDL promulgated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on October 03, 2018 annuls some of its Circulars, in part or in full, for example:

+ The entire Joint Circular No.85/2008/TTLT-BVHTTDL-BTTTT providing guidelines for issuance of licensing, registration and placement of advertisements on the press, online computer networks and publications and inspection and handling of violations 

+ Part of Decision No.24/2000/QD-BVHTT regarding effective period of a number of licenses  

Circular No.95, Circular No.12 and Circular No.30 come into force from December 01, 2018.

10. More people are entitled to seniority allowance and preferential allowance for teachers

Circular No.27/2018/TT-BGDDT promulgated by the Ministry of Education and Training on October 25, 2018 provides for amendments to Joint Circular No.68/2011/TTLT-BGDDT-BNV-BTC-BLDTBXH dated December 30, 2011 and Joint Circular No.01/2006/TTLT-BGD&DT-BNV-BTC dated January 23, 2006. Accordingly,

Teachers whose prefix of pay step code is V.07 shall be entitled to seniority allowance and preferential allowance for teachers.

Circular No.27/2018/TT-BGDDT comes into force from December 10, 2018.

11. New regulations on licensing power-related activities

Circular No.36/2018/TT-BCT promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on October 16, 2018 provides for procedures for issuance and revocation of license for power-related activities.  According to the Circular,

There is no more guideline on issuance of license for power import and export as conditions for issuance of such license are annulled as prescribed in Clause 7 Article 7 of Decree No.08/2018/ND-CP dated January 15, 2018.

Solar power plants established in 1 place with 1 connecting point generating power with solar power installed capacity of less than 01 MWp for sale purpose shall be entitled to exemption from license for power-related activities. 

Organizations involved in power generation must send sufficient application for issuance of license for power-related activities within 15 working days (previously 30 days) from the day expected for trade.

Circular No.36/2018/TT-BCT comes into force from December 06, 2018.



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