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Applications and procedures for reducing land rent of 2023 in Vietnam

Tiến Đạt

On October 3, 2023, the Prime Minister of Vietnam promulgated Decision No. 25/2023/QD-TTg on the reduction of land rent.

An application for reduction of land rent of 2023 includes:

- Written request for reduction of land rent of 2023 of the land lessee following the Form in the Appendix promulgated together with Decision No. 25/2023/QD-TTg.

The lessee shall take legal liability for the truthfulness and accuracy of the provided information and reduction of land rent request and comply with regulations on the subject eligible for reduction of land rent according to Decision No. 25/2023/QD-TTg;

-  Decision on land lease, land lease contract, or certificate of land use rights or rights to houses and other on-land property of a competent state agency (copy).

Procedures for reduction of land rent of 2023

- The land lessee shall submit a set of applications for land rent reduction in person or via electronic methods or postal services.

The above set of applications shall be submitted to the land rent management tax agency, the management board of the high-tech industrial zone, or other agencies according to tax administration laws from the effective date of Decision No. 25/2023/QD-TTg to the end of March 31, 2024.

Land lessees shall not be eligible for land rent reduction according to Decision No. 25/2023/QD-TTg in case of application submission after March 31, 2024.

- After receiving the valid application, the competent agency shall determine the reduced land rent and issue a decision on land rent reduction within 30 days.

- If the lessee is detected to be ineligible for the reduction via an inspection after the competent agency has issued the decision on land rent reduction under Decision No. 25/2023/QD-TTg:

The lessee shall return the reduced land rent to the state budget; while

Paying late payment interests on the reduced amount according to tax administration laws.

- Regarding lessees that have paid the land rent of 2023, if there is excess land rent after the competent agency determines and decides on land rent reduction:

The overpaid amount shall be deducted from the land rent of the next installment or year according to tax administration laws and relevant laws;

If there is no longer a next land rent installment, the overpaid amount shall be offset or refunded according to tax administration laws and relevant laws.

Decision No. 25/2023/QD-TTg comes into force as of November 20, 2023.


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