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Instructions about schooling at areas put under social distancing directives are now given

Như Ý

Minister of Education and Training issues the Official Telegram No. 905/CD-BGDDT regarding teaching activities performed in response to Covid-19.

According to this document, the Minister of Education and Training requests the People’s Committees of provinces and cities to command Departments of Education and Training to instruct educational institutions to flexibly choose to teach offline, online or via television programs.

For instance, at local jurisdictions that are put under social distance directives and not allowed to teach offline at school:
- Teach theoretical subjects online or via television programs, and instruct students how to effectively use their textbooks.

- With respect to grade 1 and 2, prioritize teaching provided via television programs without regular examinations or assessments. When students are back to school, pre-test reviews are needed.

- With respect to grade 3 through grade 12, prefer students learning at the end of each educational stage to have access to online classes that are deemed as the main part and classes held via television programs that are deemed as the supporting part.

Each online learning period or session should not be as long as the in-person learning period or session in order to protect student's normal health and mental condition from any adverse impact caused by their contact with computers, smart phones or televisions.

For more details, please read the Official Telegram No. 905/CD-BGDDT dated September 10, 2021.




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