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Guidance on transportation by motor vehicles during epidemic prevention and control period is given

Như Ý

Ministry of Transport has just issued the Decision No. 1570/QD-BGTVT on issuance of provisional instructions about traffic management and epidemic control for transportation by motor vehicles during the Covid-19 prevention and control period.

According to this document, while running on roads, persons on board vehicles must perform the following tasks:

- Complying with the declared itinerary; loading, unloading and handling goods, taking rest and parking vehicles at predetermined locations stated in transportation plans of transport companies.

Before the test certificate expires, persons on board vehicles must contact the nearest medical facility or epidemic checkpoint on the route to perform the SARS-CoV-2 test before continuing the journey.

- If activities are not consistent with information declared to apply for an identification certificate, or the identification certificate is expired, the defective or expired certificate should be removed from the vehicle.

- Complying with inspection and examination requests of competent forces in charge of epidemic prevention and control activities.  

- With respect to vehicles with identification certificates:

Drivers should carry goods according to declared information, predetermined transport itinerary; transport, load and unload goods at the right places.

- With respect to vehicles without identification certificates:

Drivers are required to follow instructions from local disease control authorities at the local jurisdictions where vehicles are operating, transport, load and unload goods at the predetermined places.

Decision No. 1570/QD-BGTVT is entering into force as of August 24, 2021.



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