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Workplaces are likely to harm development of workers under 18 years of age

Thục Uyên

Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs promulgates the Circular No. 09/2020/TT-BLDTBXH providing guidance on implementation of the 2019 Labor Code regarding minor workers.

According to this document, regulations on workplaces that harm the physical, mental and personality development of minors (workplaces prohibited for hiring of workers aged 15 years old to under 18 years old according to point dd of clause 2 of Article 147 in the 2019 Labor Code), including:

- Getting in contact with dangerous or hazardous factors existing in the workplace environment beyond the permissible limits stated in the national technical standards and regulations on occupational hygiene, including:

+ Electromagnetism, vibration, noise, temperature, silica dust, non-silica dust, cotton dust, asbestos dust, coal dust, tale dust;

+ Radioactive substances, particle radiation;

+ X-ray radiation, toxic substances and other harmful rays.

- Coming into contact with pathogenic microorganisms.

- Working time is over 04 hours/day in a confined and cramped workspace, and sometimes kneeling, lying or stooping is required.

- Working on a high shelf or a rope hanging more than 2m above the working floor, or at the mountainous terrain steeper than 30 degrees.

- Working in the pit which is more than 5m deep.

- Working in prisons or psychiatric hospitals.

Circular No. 09/2020/TT-BLDTBXH is entering into force as of March 15, 2021.



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