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Rules for opening securities trading accounts are now available to apply

Quý Nguyễn

Ministry of Finance promulgates the Circular No. 120/2020/TT-BTC regulating trading of listed stocks, trading registration and fund certificates, corporate bonds, guaranteed warrants listed on stock exchange systems.

According to this document, regulations on rules for opening securities trading accounts applicable to securities companies are as follows:

 (1) Each of securities companies with proprietary trading operations that is a trading member of the Vietnam Stock Exchange (VNX) is only allowed to open 1 account for its proprietary trades at its office.

 (Do not open any securities trading account at other securities companies, except as provided in subparagraph (4) below).

 (2) If a securities company has canceled its membership of VNX, it will be allowed to open a securities trading account at another securities company that is a trading member of VNX to handle the remaining securities on the proprietary trading account.

 (3) A securities company is allowed to open 01 market-making trading account for listed securities, registers trades and 01 account for hedging risks of guaranteed warrants at its office to perform transactions relating to these operations.

 (4) Securities company which is not a portfolio swap fund founder may open a securities trading account at a portfolio swap fund founder.

 (5) Opening other securities trading accounts must be subject to relevant laws.

Circular No. 120/2020/TT-BTC is entering into force as of February 15, 2021.



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