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Prime Minister urges strengthened management of solid wastes

Châu Thanh

Recently, Prime Minister has issued the Directive No. 41/CT-TTg regarding a number of urgent measures to strengthen the management of solid wastes.

According to this document, in order to address issues and problems arising from the current management of solid wastes, actively prevent and mitigate environmental pollution, the Prime Minister gives the following commands:

- The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment:

+ Designing technical instructions for improvement, upgradation and handling of the environmental pollution at landfills failing to meet hygiene requirements, zones suffering pollution caused by wastes, and for compliance with environmental protection requirements.

+ Strengthening inspection and audit of activities related to the management of solid wastes nationwide.

- Ministry of Construction:

+ Enhancing the strict management of infrastructure facilities, such as gathering places, transfer stations, domestic solid waste disposal facilities, during the period of formulation, assessment and approval of plans under their respective jurisdiction.  

+ Instructing local authorities to make assessment reports on facilities used for gathering, transport, transfer and disposal according to approved construction plans.

- The Ministry of Health:

Directing local authorities to focus on the disposal of hazardous medical wastes by applying models of clusters, models of concentration aiming at restricting the dispersed disposal of wastes by medical establishments.

For more details, please read the Directive No. 41/CT-TTg dated December 1, 2020.



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