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Executive and managerial occupations are not classified by qualification

Châu Thanh

The Prime Minister promulgates the Decisions No. 34/2020/QD-TTg dated November 26, 2020 on List of Occupations of Vietnam.

According to this document, executives or managers are the common names indicating persons holding office; persons having authority to manage, command and control all activities from the central to local level.  

- Executives and managers are classified by sectors: Communist Party of Vietnam; National Assembly and Office of the President; legislative, executive and judicial bodies from the central to local level, socio-political organizations, proprietorship, charity or other for-particular-benefit organizations, incorporations, general companies and equivalents.

- As executive and managerial occupations have their particular characteristics, international conventions and list of trades and occupations of Vietnam do not classify executive or managerial occupations by qualification.

- Executive and managerial occupations are classified by the scopes of operation in each of which they are classified by managerial levels.

Managers in the manufacture of physical products and services may be classified into the 4th grade at maximum, depending on the complexity of coordination in working and the nature of specialization.

Decision No. 34/2020/QD-TTg is in force on January 15, 2021.



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