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Several price ranges of aviation services have 0 dong as the minimum levels

Dương Phạm

On September 1, 2020, the Ministry of Transport has promulgated the Circular No. 19/2020/TT-BGTVT regulating levels and ranges of prices of several aviation or airport services in Vietnam.

According to this Circular, in order to continue to deal with difficulties arising from effects of the Covid-19 diseases as per the Resolution No. 84/NQ-CP from March 1, 2020 to end of September 30, 2020, rates of prices of services are regulated as follows:

- Services on the list of services within the ranges regulated by the State in the Circular No. 53/2019/TT-BGTVT will be charged at the prices falling within the ranges showing the minimum levels of 0 dong and the maximum levels prescribed as per the Circular No. 53 for the following services:

+ Passenger terminal facilities for lease;

+ Freight terminal facilities for lease;

+ Basic and essential services provided at passenger terminals (including catering of meals and beverages such as drinking water, packed milk, bread, etc.)

- Price of aircraft landing or takeoff services, domestic departure or arrival flight operation services is 50% less than as prescribed in the Circular No. 53.

Circular No. 19/2020/TT-BGTVT is entering into force from October 20, 2020.



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