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Trade in counterfeit commodity packaging subject to a fine of up to 30 million dong

Xuân Dũng

This is the highlight of the Government’s Decree No. 98/2020/ND-CP regulating penalties for administrative violations arising from trading, production and sale of counterfeit goods, prohibited goods and protection of customer’s interests.

According to this document, individuals who trade in counterfeit product stickers, labels or packaging will be fined from 300,000 dong to 30 million dong, depending on the quantity of fake stamps, labels or packages.

(Currently, the minimum and maximum rates of fine for the aforesaid violation are 200 thousand and 20 million dong, respectively, depending on the quantity).

In addition, the rate of fine will be doubled if individuals commit the following violations:

- Importing fake product stickers, labels and packaging;

- Trading fake stickers, labels and packaging attached to or containing food, food additives, preventive medications, drugs, pharmaceutical ingredients, cosmetics, healthcare equipment, helmets;

- Trading fake stickers, labels and packaging attached to or containing detergents, chemicals, insecticides and disinfectants for domestic and medical use, animal feeds, aquafeeds, fertilizers, veterinary drugs,…

Notes: The rate of fine imposed on organizations committing the act of trading fake stickers, labels and packaging will be twice as much as that imposed on individuals.

Decree No. 98/2020/ND-CP is entering into force on October 15, 2020.


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