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Regulations concerning lots of new active ingredients prohibited for use in pesticides are about to take effect

Hoàng Thái

On June 19, 2020, the Ministry of Health promulgates the 2020 Circular No. 11/TT-BYT regarding the classification list of active ingredients prohibited or restricted for use in domestic and healthcare pest control and antibacterial products.

According to this document, a lot of new active ingredients will be prohibited for formulation of domestic and healthcare pest control and antibacterial products, specifically including:

- Acephate with CAS1 No. 30560-19-1;

- Beta-cyfluthrin with CAS1 No. 68359-37-5;

- Chlorpyrifos ethyl with CAS1 No. 39475-55-3;

- Cyfluthrin with CAS1 No. 68359-37-5;

- Diazinon with CAS1 No. 333-41-5;

- Fipronil with CAS1 No. 120068-37-3;

- Hexythiazox with CAS1 No. 78587-05-0;

- Malathion with CAS1 No. 121-75-5;

- Methanol (not registered as the main ingredient of antibacterial products.   The content of Methanol present in each product is not greater than 2.000mg/l) with CAS1 No. 67-56-1;

- Trichlorfon with CAS1 No. 52-68-6.

For more details, please read the Circular No. 11/TT-BYT in force on August 20, 2020.



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