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Accommodation for people staying at lodging establishments before exit

Thu Sa

On June 10, 2020, the Government promulgates the Decree No. 65/2020/ND-CP regulating the organization of management and allowances granted people staying at lodging establishments before leaving Vietnam.

According to this document, accommodation for people staying at lodging establishments before exit is regulated as follows:

- They can live in single-gender (male or female) shared rooms or apartments;

- Each sleeping space is at least 3 m2/person. With regard to those with children, the sleeping space is at least 04 m2, equipped with raised tiled platforms or beds, restrooms, sleeping mats, quilts and mosquito nets.

(compared to the minimum sleeping space of 03 m2/person prescribed in current regulations without exception).

- If they are LGBT persons, they can be provided with separate accommodation (there is none of such regulation previously).

- If they fall into one of the following cases, they must live in isolated and quarantine rooms:

+ They are diagnosed with group-A infectious diseases and several group-B ones in accordance with laws on communicable disease prevention and control;

+ They are suffering from psychiatric illness or other diseases, resulting in loss of consciousness or loss of impulse or behavioral control.

Decree No. 65/2020/ND-CP is entering into force on June 15, 2020.



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