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More passengers allowed to sit close together aboard motor vehicles and plane flights

Thanh Lợi

This is the highlight of the Official Dispatch No. 4157/BGTVT-CYT amending the Official Dispatch No. 4145/BGTVT-CYT providing guidance on additional measures to be taken on board means of transport for prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic.

According to this document, from 8 p.m. April 29, 2020 to the time of issuance of new notification, the following passengers that are not regulated by the Official Dispatch No. 4145 may sit close together on board motor vehicles or planes (this means that they are excepted from complying with the regulation binding them to sit separately at a gap of 1 seat or 1 meter from each other), including:

- Passengers who are in the list of friends or colleagues, or are working in the same offices or companies.

- Tourists in the loop.

- Passengers sharing the same flight reservation codes.

In addition, flight passengers are advised to complete check-in procedures at home so that they can make online health declarations before arriving at flight terminals in order to reduce their check-in time.

Official Dispatch No. 4157/BGTVT-CYT is issued on April 29, 2020.



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