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Mandatory quarantine regulations to be imposed on all passengers entering Vietnam from March 21, 2020

Kiều Nga

The National Steering Committee on Prevention and Control of COVID-19 has promulgated the Official Dispatch No. 1440/CV-BCD regarding isolation of entry passengers for prevention and control of COVID-19.

According to this document, the Committee requests relevant Ministries and People’s Committees at cities and provinces to implement quarantine and isolation regulations for prevention and control of COVID-19 as follows:

- Carrying out the concentrated isolation of all passengers entering Vietnam from other countries or territories from 0:00 midnight, March 21, 2020.

- If any entering passenger has such symptoms as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, he/she will be carried to health facilities for isolation, treatment and collection of specimens for COVID-19 testing.

- If entering passengers holding diplomatic passports or official passports prove that they are in normal health condition, show none of COVID-19 symptoms and obtain commitments on strict conformance to quarantine requirements from foreign missions, they may be isolated at these missions' offices or residences until end of the required quarantine period of 14 days after entering into Vietnam.

- Continuing to implement the Official Dispatch No. 1338/CV-BCD of the National Steering Committee on quarantine and isolation, and collection of specimens for COVID-19 testing.

Official Dispatch No. 1440/CV-BCD is issued on March 20, 2020.


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