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12 socio-economic growth indices of 2020 are ready for use

Quỳnh Như

National Assembly has ratified the Resolution No. 85/2019/QH14 on the 2020 socio-economic growth plan, which issues 12 major indices that need to be meet targets in 2020, including:

- Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to increase by 6.8%;

- Consumer Price Index (CPI) will be below 4% on average;

- Total export turnover is expected to increase by 7%;

- Ratio of trade deficit to export turnover will be below 3%;

- Total capital investment for entire society is expected to account for 33-34% of GDP;

- Poverty rate (determined according to multidimensional poverty standards) is expected to soar by between 1 and 1.5%, especially by 4% at poor districts;

- Unemployment rate of working-age population in urban areas will be under 4%;

- Employment rate for trained workers is expected to reach 65%, including 25% of trained workers holding academic qualifications or certificates;

- The number of hospital beds per 1,000 population (exclusive of commune-level medical stations) will be 28 beds.

- Rate of population participating in health insurance is expected to reach 90.7%;

- Rate of active industrial parks and export processing zones running centralized wastewater treatment systems meeting environmental standards will be 90%;

- Forest coverage ratio will be 42%.

This Resolution 85/2019/QH14 was adopted on November 11, 2019.


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