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04 notable policies coming into force from December 01, 2019

Kiều Nga

THƯ VIỆN PHÁP LUẬT would like to bring to our dearest members some notable policies which are coming into force from December 01, 2019, including:

1. Benefits paid to officials and public employees working in severely disadvantaged areas

This is the highlighted content of the Government’s Decree No. 76/2019/ND-CP dated October 08, 2019.

This Decree deals with benefits for officials, public employees, workers and salaried personnel of armed forces (including the People’s Army of Vietnam, the People’s Public Security of Vietnam and cryptography agencies) working in areas facing severely socio-economic disadvantages, including:

- Attraction allowance;

- Seniority allowance;

- Initial grant offered when accepting assignment;

- Grants for buying and transporting fresh/clean water;

- Lump-sum grant paid when relocating from the area facing severely socio-economic disadvantages or when taking retirement;

- Travel allowances paid when taking annual leave, public holidays or compassionate leave;

- Grants for sightseeing trips and training/drilling courses;

- Occupation-based incentive allowances;

- Mobility allowance and allowances for teaching minority languages given to teachers and education managers.

Please click HERE for further details.

2. Online declaration when applying for Citizen Identity Card from December 01, 2019

This content is provided in the Circular No. 48/2019/TT-BCA providing amendments to procedures for issuance, replacement and re-issuance of Citizen Identity Cards. To be specific:

When a citizen follows procedures for issuance, replacement or re-issuance of the Citizen Identity Card, the in-charge official shall request the applicant to complete the declaration form for the Citizen Identity Card (in case of direct declaration).

If the applicant has completed the declaration form for the Citizen Identity Card on the online public services portal, it shall be printed out and the applicant shall append his/her signature and full name to it after checking.

 (Currently, there is no regulation stipulating the online declaration for Citizen Identity Card. However, the online declaration is being applied in Ho Chi Minh City). 

 “Permitting applicants for Citizen Identity Card to complete declaration form online shall save time for both applicants and regulatory authorities. This regulation is absolutely practical and meets the people’s legitimate expectations", said Mr. Bui Tuong Vu, Legal Advocate and Director of THƯ VIỆN PHÁP LUẬT.

3. Enterprises probably facing a fine of up to VND 1 billion for selling goods below their costs

This content is provided in the Decree No. 75/2019/ND-CP on penalties for administrative violations against regulations on competition. To be specific:

A fine ranging from VND 800 million to VND 1 billion shall be imposed for selling goods or providing services below their costs and thus driving or potentially driving other enterprises selling or providing the same type of goods or services out of the market.

If the abovementioned violation arises in two provinces or central-affiliated cities or more, the fine shall range from VND 1.6 billion to VND 2 billion.

4. New form of driving license applicable from June 01, 2020

The Ministry of Transport has promulgated the Circular No. 38/2019/TT-BGTVT providing amendments to the Circular No. 12/2017/TT-BGTVT on driver training, driving tests, and issuance of driving licenses to operators of motor vehicles.

According to this Circular, from June 01, 2020, the driving license shall be issued using the new form (provided in Appendix 6) and bear a two-dimensional barcode (QR code) for quickly reading and decoding the information on the driving license and facilitating the connection to the driving license management system.

The driving license issued before the effective date of this Circular shall remain valid until the date of expiry indicated on the license.


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