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Employees holding the following degrees or certificates will receive higher pay

Quý Nguyễn

The Decree No. 90/2019/ND-CP prescribes that the pay rate paid to employees completing vocational training and education must be 7% higher than the respective region-based minimum pay rate specified in clause 1 of Article 3 in this Decree.

Holders of degrees or certificates mentioned below will be certified to complete vocational training and education programs: 

- Vocational training certificates, diplomas, professional secondary diplomas, vocational secondary diplomas, associate degrees, general higher education certificates, undergraduate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s and doctor’s degree prescribed in the Decree No. 90-CP dated November 24, 1993;

- Professional secondary education graduation certificates, vocational training graduation certificates, associate degrees, undergraduate degrees, master's and doctor's degrees; vocational education degrees or certificates; undergraduate education degrees, continuing education diplomas or certificates prescribed in the Law on Education, 1998, and the Law on Education, 2005;

- Continuing vocational education certificates, vocational elementary education certificates, certificates of graduation from vocational secondary education, certificates of graduation from vocational postsecondary education, or certificates of completion of vocational training programs according to vocational training contracts prescribed in the Law on Vocational Training;  

- National certificates of vocational competency conferred under the Law on Employment;

- Degrees or certificates of elementary-, intermediate- or postsecondary-level vocational training and education; continuing or other vocational education diplomas or certificates issued according to the Law on Vocational Education;

- Certificates of graduation at the undergraduate education level issued under the provisions of the Law on Undergraduate Education;

- Degrees or certificates conferred by foreign training institutions;

In addition, employees who have received vocational training from vocational training enterprises or have been vocationally taught by themselves, or have been tested and offered jobs will be required to complete vocational training and education programs. 

For more details, please click here to read minimum pay rates of employees already completing vocational training and education programs in accordance with the Decree No. 90/2019/ND-CP in force from January 1, 2020.


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