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Four considerable benefits of electronic health documents are now made publicly known

Tường Vy

On November 12, 2019, Ministry of Health issued the Decision No. 5349/QD-BYT approving the Plan for implementation of electronic health documents by 2025.

Upon realizing 4 important benefits mentioned below, it is necessary to use electronic health documents in real life:

(1) Benefits to the public:

- Help them get updated on and personally take control of their health information in an incessant and lifelong manner; take active actions to prevent diseases and take care of their health.

- When going to hospital, they may provide clinicians with their health documents, medical and clinical history records in a rapid and accurate manner to facilitate clinician’s provision of their medical services. 

(2) Benefits to clinicians:

- Provide full information about medical conditions, diseases, medical history, health-affecting risk factors, and make best use of such information for clinician's provision of medical services.

Thanks to such general information, clinicians may have a more overall view of patient’s health conditions, may make a timely diagnosis of diseases and may help patients reduce medical costs. 

- Help improve clinical diagnoses and therapies once a patient’s health information interconnects in the entire medical network.

- Help clinicians take better care of public health in a continual and comprehensive manner according to principles of Family Medicine.

Mr. Bui Tuong Vu, Legal Advocate and Director of THƯ VIỆN PHÁP LUẬT Co., stressed:  “The advent of electronic health documents is a common trend in any medical systems. During the process of implementation of electronic health documents, we will certainly face a lot of difficulties, such as funding, personnel qualification and quality of medical care information given in electronic health documents and accuracy of data input in electronic health documents, etc.  However, if it functions well, benefits to both patient's relatives and the State will be unarguable. By considering this fact, Ministry of Health is expected to carry out this project in a discreet and timely manner in order for people nationwide to soon have access to the improved medical management practice”.

(3) Benefits for administration activities:

- Help the health sector gain public health data in a sufficient, accurate and timely manner.

- Help the medical sector to give timely directives about prevention and control of diseases in particular and provide a better forecast and strategy for health protection, care and improvement for the public in general. 

(4) Benefits for health insurance”

Thorough interconnection and transparency of medical information help facilitate management of medical costs and restrict drug abuse and medical tests (if any).

Decision No. 5349/QD-BYT is officially in force on the signature date.




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