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Politburo clearly defines practices of nepotism and cronyism

Ngọc Duy

Politburo has just promulgated the Regulation No. 205/QD-TW on control of powers over staffing affairs and prevention of any practice of nepotism and cronyism

Pursuant to this Regulation, practices of nepotism and cronyism include:

- Contact, build relationship with or bribe persons having responsibilities, holding office or vested with powers, or their related persons, in order to be appointed to positions, office or to gain interests;

- Give gifts, money, real property to, or arrange entertainment and recreational activities for, chief officers, office holders or their related persons in order to gain support, trust, be appointed to positions, office and vested with rights;

- Abuse familiar relationships or use advantages and prestige of other persons to affect, make use of or extort office holders to recommend and appoint cronies, nepotists or other beneficiaries;

- Misuse internal or disadvantageous information of other entities or persons to condition and extort office holders to recommend, nominate or appoint cronies or nepotists;

- Misuse family background and official achievements to bargain with or make undue requests to competent entities or persons to be appointed to positions or office and to gain interests; 

- Use other misconduct to be appointed to positions, office or vested with rights as expected.

For more details, please read the Regulation No. 205/QD-TW in force from September 23, 2019.


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