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Regulation on criminal trials attended by under-18-year-old defendants or plaintiffs

Hoài Thương

This regulations is set out in the Circular No. 02/2018/TT-TANDTC on criminal trials with participants in criminal proceedings who are under 18 years of age under the jurisdiction of the Family and Minor Court.

This Circular provides the following regulations:

- The courtroom must have the cordial design and provide best benefits for persons under the age of 18 as per the Circular No. 01/2017/TT-TANDTC (except cases prescribed in Article 4 of this Circular);

- Organization and protection of trials must conform to instructions given in the Circular No. 02/2017/TT-TANDTC dated July 28, 2017;

- The judge must wear the uniform designed for performing administrative tasks of the People’s Court (without gowns);

-  A trial with the plaintiff under the age of 18 that are the victim of a sex assault, violent act or trafficking must be secret;

- With respect to other trials, in case of being requested by the person under the age of 18, his/her representative, or in order to protect privacy and security of such person, the Court may consider a secret trial but must issue a public judgement; 

- A show trial for criminal cases with participants under the age of 18 will not be permitted.

The Circular No. 02/2018/TT-TANDTC is set to enter into force from December 1, 2018.


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