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New regulations for the test on legal knowledge of multi-level marketing

Kim Huệ

This is the highlight of the Circular No. 10/2018/TT-BCT elaborating on certain articles of the Decree No. 40/2018/ND-CP on management of the multi-level marketing business.

This Circular prescribes the form and assessment of the results of the test on legal knowledge of multi-level marketing as follows:

- The test on legal knowledge of multi-level marketing is designed to include the writing test section and the multiple-choice test section for the minimum duration of 60 minutes.  

- The score of the whole test is 100 points, and if an examinee gets less than 90 points for the multiple-choice test section or less than 75 points for the writing test section, he/she will be judged to fail the test.  

Additionally, the curriculum framework for training in legal knowledge of the multi-level marketing business that is issued by educational institutions must conform to the following requirements:

- The minimum training timelength is 08 hours;

- This curriculum framework is designed by adopting the template given in the Appendix 1 enclosed in this Circular.

The Circular No. 10/2018/TT-BCT is set to commence on July 15, 2018.



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