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Citizens of 46 countries are granted e-visa in Vietnam

Thanh Trúc

The Government has adopted the Resolution No. 124/NQ-CP dated November 29, 2017 on supplementation of the list of countries whose citizens are granted pilot e-visa for Vietnam.

Pursuant to this Resolution, there will be 06 additional countries whose citizens are granted pilot e-visa as referred to in paragraph 1 Article 9 of the Decree No. 07/2017/NĐ-CP including:

- Australia

- United Arab Emirates

- Canada

- India

- Netherland

- New Zealand.

In conclusion, addition of 06 countries to the list of 40 existing countries like Korea South, Germany, etc., referred to in the Decree No. 07/2017/NĐ-CP will total 46 countries whose citizens are granted e-visa in Vietnam. 

The Resolution No. 124/NQ-CP will enter into force from the signature date.


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