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Vietnam to no longer require customs declarants to submit paper documents

Trung Tài

On April 17, 2024, the Prime Minister of Vietnam promulgated Official Dispatch No. 245/TTg-KTTH on accelerating digital transformation in customs.

According to the Official Dispatch, to continue to accelerate and improve the effectiveness of digital transformation in customs, the Prime Minister of Vietnam requests the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam and the General Department of Vietnam Customs to:

-  Review and complete policies and laws, upgrade information technology systems in the direction of digitalizing documents of customs documents toward non-paper customs procedures for imports and exports and entry and exit transport vehicles to gradually terminate the requirements for customs declarants to submit paper documents regarding customs documents during customs procedures.

- Review and complete the system of legislative documents concerning the issuance of licenses and specialized inspections of imports and exports to promptly detect inadequacies and difficulties and request managing ministries and competent authorities to issue amendments; accelerate the reform and application of information technology and data sharing with customs authorities for goods customs clearance.

 - Ensure adequate equipment for customs modernization and customs inspection, supervision, and control at border checkpoints and seaports and limit contact between people, enterprises, and customs authorities to ensure strictness and compliance with the law.

 - Intensify cooperation and sharing of information on customs data with other countries in the region and the world, especially strategic trade partner countries with large import-export turnover, to create favorable conditions for Vietnamese goods to be exported to such countries and vice versa.

- Regularly organize conversations, resolve difficulties, assess the satisfaction of people and enterprises when carrying out administrative procedures at customs authorities at various levels; promptly inspect, correct, and handle customs units and officials that violate the law, cause trouble or harassment, fail to handle issues promptly and allow problems to persist without proposing or suggesting competent authorities to adopt resolutions.

See more details in Official Dispatch No. 245/TTg-KTTH dated April 17, 2024.


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