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Vietnam to add more arduous and hazardous occupations, applicable from July 30, 2023

Văn Minh

On June 15, 2023, the Minister of Labor - War Invalids and Social Affairs promulgated Circular No. 05/2023/TT-BLDTBXH on the list of arduous, hazardous, and dangerous intermediate and college-level occupations.

Circular No. 05/2023/TT-BLDTBXH will replace Circular No. 36/2017/TT-BLDTBXH

According to the Circular, supplements to the list of arduous, hazardous, and dangerous intermediate and college-level occupations are as follows:

- Performance art: Hue opera performance art; circus performance art; drama and cinematography performance art; etc.

- Technological production: pulp and paper production technological engineering, technology for artificial board production, production of welding materials, and production of industrial explosive substances.

- Production and processing: food processing, food processing and preservation technological engineering, salt production technological engineering, production of salt from seawater, textile technology, and fashion garment production.

- Tourism, hotel, sports, and individual services, including tourism guide, professional accommodation, techniques for food processing, and room management.
- Environment and environmental protection, including waste treatment and radiation safety.
- National defense, including border reconnaissance, professional animal training, electromechanical engineering of armored vehicles, use and repair of air defense radio equipment, optical weapons, naval information, and naval ship radar.

At the intermediate level, additional arduous and hazardous occupations are as follows:

- architecture and construction work technological engineering, including construction technological engineering; construction work technological engineering; construction of water works; installation of drilling rigs; construction of hydropower works; construction of mines; mine construction techniques.

- Mechanical technological engineering: mechanical technological engineering; motor vehicle technological engineering; hull construction technological engineering; machinery manufacturing technology; hull manufacturing technology; motor vehicle technology; welding technology, etc.

- Mechanical engineering: mechanical device manufacturing; steel structure processing and installation; vessel piping processing and installation; metal cutting; vessel engine repair; mining equipment repair; construction machinery repair; heavy-duty equipment maintenance and repair; railway construction machinery operation and repair, etc.

- Architecture and construction: construction engineering; road and bridge construction; road bridge construction; formwork - scaffolding; reinforced concrete - welding, carpentry construction and interior decoration, etc.

- Electric, electronic, and telecommunications engineering: refrigeration and air conditioning engineering; industrial and civil electric; vessel electric; operation of hydropower plants; installation of power transmission lines and electrical substations with a voltage of 220 kV or more; etc.

At the college level, additional arduous and hazardous occupations are as follows:

- Chemical, material, metallurgical, and environmental engineering: Iron processing; steelmaking; ferrous metallurgy; industrial waste treatment, etc.

- Transport service: operation of inland waterway vehicles; operation of vessels; marine safety assurance; operation and utilization of vessel engines, etc.
- Geotechnical engineering, geophysics, and geodesy: geodetic works; topographic survey; geological survey; geological survey drilling, etc.

Circular No. 05/2023/TT-BLDTBXH of the Ministry of Labor - War Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam comes into force as of July 30, 2023 and applies to courses that start from July 30, 2023.


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