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Forms of entrepreneurial support in higher education institutions in Vietnam

Dương Phạm

On May 23, 2022, the Minister of Education and Training of Vietnam promulgated Circular No. 07/2022/TT-BGDDT on occupational counseling and entrepreneurial support in educational institutions.

According to the Circular, forms of entrepreneurial support in higher education institutions include:

- Disseminate information about innovation and entrepreneurship for students via training, extra-curricular activities, document and communication media.

- Develop compulsory or optional training programs and themes for improving knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship for students.

- Educate and improve awareness and spirit of entrepreneurship for students by organizing a “student entrepreneurship week”.

- Provide refresher courses to improve awareness, knowledge and skills through training programs, document research, extra-curricular activities, means of information technology and cooperation with partners.

- Support and facilitate the establishment of student clubs for scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

- Organize practice and launch entrepreneurial projects for students through cooperation with partners; Allow students to participate in contests, fairs, exhibitions on scientific and technical achievements and entrepreneurial projects.

Circular No. 07/2022/TT-BGDDT comes into force from July 08, 2022 and replaces Decision No. 68/2008/QD-BGDDT dated December 09, 2008.


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