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Resolution No. 34/2021/QH15: commencement date for pay reform is delayed

Châu Thanh

On November 13, 2021, the National Assembly passes the Resolution No. 34/2021/QH15 on the 2022’s state budget estimate.

This Resolution prescribes that the commencement date for pay reform referred to in clause 3 of Article 4 in the National Assembly’s Resolution No. 23/2021/QH15 is postponed, and adjustments in old-age retirement pensions paid to persons retired before 1995 are prioritized.

For instance, clause 3 of Article 4 in the Resolution No. 23/2021/QH15 stipulates that all resources are concentrated on pay reform from July 1, 2022".

This means that the National Assembly decides to delay public official and employee pay reform to another day instead of July 1, 2022.

In addition, regulations on seeking and accumulating sufficient finance for pay reform to be started on an appropriate day continue to be implemented.  

Continuation in making several deductions from the amounts of local budget collection increased in comparison to the budget estimates for pay reform is allowed.

For further information, please read the Resolution No. 34/2021/QH15 dated November 13, 2021.



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