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Quarantine instructions for travelers from or to epidemic-hit areas are now available for use

Ngọc Duy

According to the instructions from the Official Dispatch No. 8318/BYT-DP dated October 3, 2021 regarding COVID-19 testing and quarantine for travelers from or to epidemic risk areas, travelers from extremely high risk or high risk areas to equivalent or lower risk areas must take the following actions:

- Undergo genetic material (ARN) tests or separate sample antigen rapid tests within 72 hours of sample collection before journeys.

- When arriving/returning:

+ With regard to persons fully vaccinated (with certificates of full vaccination) or recovering from COVID-19 (with certificates of recovery from COVID-19 or discharge certificates which are not longer than 6 months until the time of arrival/return):

Carry out health self-monitoring at their homes or accommodations within 07 days, comply with rules of 5K practices and have the genetic material (ARN) test or separate sample antigen rapid test twice on the first day and the seventh day.

- As for persons not vaccinated yet or not receiving a full dose of COVID-19 vaccines:

+ Departments of Health at the receiving places consult epidemiological assessments and local epidemic situation to consider sending travelers from other places to self-isolate at their homes and accommodations;

+ Instructing people to comply with 5K rules and provide incoming travelers with separate sample antigen rapid tests every 2-3 days, or separate or pooled sample genetic material (ARN) tests until every 5-7 days until 14 days pass.

If these cases are tested positive to SARS-CoV-2, prescribed further actions should be taken.

For more details, please read the Official Dispatch No. 8318/BYT-DP dated October 3, 2021.



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