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How can foreigners in HCMC get access to Covid-19 vaccines?

Châu Thanh

Vietnam does not discriminate in access to health care and vaccination benefits between Vietnamese citizens and aliens living, studying and working in Vietnam. Foreign citizens will have access to Covid-19 vaccination when Vietnam receives more vaccines.

Are they given priority for vaccination?

According to the Decision No. 3355/QD-BYT dated July 8, 2021, several foreigners will be given vaccination priority, e.g.:

- People working for diplomatic missions, consulates and international organizations operating in Vietnam;

- Foreign experts working in Vietnam.

In addition, if foreigners are on the list of other priority-given vaccine recipients, they will also be given priority to get Covis-19 vaccines (for example, foreign teachers,...)

Click here to see the list of priority-given vaccine recipients.

Also, according to the Official Letter No. 6118/BYT-DP dated July 29, 2021, the Ministry of Health requests the Chairman of the HCMC People's Committee to order their relevant units to get all local inhabitants aged 18 years or more vaccinated; give vaccination priority to frontline health workers, the elderly, and those suffering underlying medical conditions, and rapidly increase vaccination coverage.

Thus, regardless of whether or not a person obtains household registration or KT3 temporary residence registration, he/she will be vaccinated against Covid-19.

According to the new notice of 5th Covid-19 vaccination spell in Ho Chi Minh city (the Official Dispatch No. 2552/BCD dated July 31, 2021), city-dwellers aged 18 years old or older will be vaccinated in the following manners:

- Prioritize vaccination for people over 65 years old, people with chronic medical conditions, frontline health workers and other frontline forces;

- For those other than those mentioned above, local authorities may classify vaccine recipients by age-based priority order (e.g. those aged over 50 years old, those aged over 35 years old, those aged over 18 years old);

- Allow people that need to be cautious about vaccination (people over 65 years old or people with chronic medical conditions) to be vaccinated at all fixed and mobile vaccination facilities, without compelling them to be vaccinated at hospitals or medical facilities. Note: those missing previous vaccinations should be re-invited.

What can foreigners do to get Covid-19 vaccines in HCMC?

Foreigners on the list of people given priority for vaccinations will be notified of vaccination schedules from healthcare authorities (e.g. SMS message, email,...).

If not on the list of priority-given vaccine recipients, you can click here for registration.

In addition, depending on specific localities and the dispensed number of vaccines, particular policies will apply. For instance, while wards and residential neighborhoods are currently compiling a list of local residents, foreign citizens can register with local authorities to have access to vaccinations.



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