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Apartment buildings have to be demolished and rebuilt in the following cases

Quý Tân

This is prescribed in the Decree No. 69/2021/NĐ-CP regarding improvement and reconstruction of apartment buildings.

According to this document, apartment buildings falling into the following cases must be demolished and rebuilt, or altered for another one according to planning regulations:

- The apartment building needs to be urgently demolished due to incidents, natural disasters, fire emergencies stated in regulations.

- The prescribed lifespan of the apartment building expires, or has not expired yet but it is concluded by the provincial competent state authority that the apartment building falls into the following cases:

- Main load-bearing structures of the apartment building are exposed to general hazardous condition, in danger of collapse, not meeting the conditions for continued use, requiring urgent resettlement of its owners and users.

- The apartment building is seriously damaged, and its main load-bearing structures are in local dangerous situation, and it is affected by one of the following factors: fire safety infrastructure; water supply, drainage, wastewater treatment system; power supply, internal road system:

+ Failing to meet requirements of current technical regulations and standards;

+ Or exposed to a risk of unsafety to its operation and use, resulting in demolition to ensure the safety for users and conformance to requirements concerning urban renovation and embellishment.

- One of the main structural components, including foundation, columns, walls, beams, girders, does not meet normal operation requirements, and does not need to be demolished according to the above regulations, but are part of the apartment building that should be demolished according to Clause 2, Article 110 of the Law on Housing.

Decree No. 69/2021/NĐ-CP is entering into force as of September 1, 2021, replacing the Decree No. 101/2015/NĐ-CP dated October 20, 2015.



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