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Costs of enforcement of judgements against commercial entities are now known

Thục Uyên

On July 8, 2021, the Minister of Finance promulgates the Circular No. 55/2021/TT-BTC providing instructions about management, allocation, advance payment and reimbursement of costs of enforcement of judgements against commercial entities.

The Circular specifies the following costs of enforcement of judgements:

- Identification of enforcement costs will be subject to the provisions of Article 43 in the Decree No. 44/2020/ND-CP specifically including:

+ Costs of mobilization of personnel for enforcement of judgements;

+ Remuneration packages paid to persons carrying out appraisal for auctions and costs of hosting of property auctions;

+ Costs of hiring of equipment used for removal of physical objects and property items, etc.

- Payment details:

- The above-mentioned costs will be paid based on contracts, contract termination records, minutes on handover of distrained property (in case of authorized custody of distrained property), invoices and evidence of actual, legitimate and valid expenditures in accordance with current regulations and must be approved by enforcement decision makers.

- Especially, support packages paid to persons mobilized to directly participate in and guard enforcement activities as follows:   

+ Amount paid to a person leading the implementation of a law enforcement decision who works for an authority implementing a law enforcement decision is VND 150,000 per day on duty;

+ Amount paid to a person mobilized to participate in implementation of a law enforcement decision is VND 100,000 per day on duty.

Circular No. 55/2021/TT-BCT is set to commence on August 25, 2021.



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