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Rules of conduct for social network service providers are coming into effect

Thục Uyên

The Ministry of Information and Communications issues the Decision No. 874/QD-BTTTT regarding the codes of conduct on social networks.

According to this Decision, the codes of conduct for social network service providers are as follows:

- Clearly disclose service terms and conditions, including all rights and obligations of service providers and users;

- Issue and publish measures to detect, notify and cooperate with competent authorities to handle, prevent and remove information content that violates copyright and laws;

- Upon receipt of a notice requiring the removal of copyright-infringing or law-breaking information from the competent authority, the social network service provider must cooperate with the organization or individual using the social network to take actions in accordance with Vietnam’s legislation;

- Guide users of social networks, support and protect the legitimate rights and interests of "weak ties" in society in order for them to be assured safe and sound access to social networks to avoid any act of exploitation, abuse and psychological aggression on social networks;

- Respect the user's right to protect personal information, do not collect personal information and provide service users' information to any third party without the consent of the users.

Decision No. 874/QD-BTTTT is coming into force on June 17, 2021.



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