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As from June 1, 2021, paper HI cards are not needed when visiting hospitals

Thục Uyên

Vietnam Social Security issues the Official Dispatch No. 1493/BHXH-CSYT regarding use of images of HI cards available on the VSS-ID application for use of HI-covered medical services.

According to this document, Vietnam Social Security directs provincial Social Security Offices to report to People’s Committees of provinces, and collaborate with Departments of Health in directing medical establishments to perform the following tasks:

- From June 1, 2021, holders of HI cards can use images of SI cards available on the VSS-ID application, in place of paper ones, when visiting medical establishments.

This means that persons already installing the VssID application will not need to carry paper HI cards when visiting medical establishments to use medical services.

- Medical establishments must use QR-Code scanners or directly record HI card numbers available on the VSS-ID application (if they do not have scanners).

- Medical establishments must take actions to prevent any abuse with the aim of racketeering on the HI fund; must be informed of complaints and difficulties arising during use and promptly report on these to Social Security Offices to seek solutions.

The Official Dispatch No. 1493/BHXH-CSYT is issued on May 31, 2021.



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