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Regulations on rating of COVID-19 prevention and control risks are taking effect

Sỹ Hiếu

The National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control has issued the Decision No. 2686/QD-BCDQG regarding “Regulations on rating of COVID-19 prevention and control risks and relevant administrative measures”.

According to the Decision No. 2686, there are 4 risk levels, including “Very High”, “High”, “At Risk”, “New Normal”, for specific communes, districts and the entire nation.  

For instance, a district is not rated "Very High”, but “High” for the Covid-19 risk, when it has the following epidemic factors:

- At least 30% of the hamlets are rated “High” or at least 50% of the hamlets “At Risk” or 1 hamlet rated “Very High” for the Covid-19 risk throughout the district.

- It has sources of infection making the disease control difficult and posing the risk of infecting the disease in more than 20% of hamlets.

- Important industrial zones and factories located within the district need to be protected for ultimate safety according to the superior’s directions and are contiguous to areas within which sources of infection causing the disease control or contact tracing difficult exist.

For more details, please read the Decision No. 2686/QD-BCDQG in force as from May 31, 2021.



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