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Range of rents on assigned sea areas is now ready to take effect

Trung Tài

The Government promulgates the Decree No. 11/2021/ND-CP dated February 10, 2021 on allocating certain sea areas to entities and persons exploiting maritime resources.

According to this document, the range of rents on sea areas applied to activities of exploitation of sea areas subject to the requirement for payment of these rents is regulated as follows:

- Rents on sea areas intended for dumping range from VND 15,000/ m³ to VND 20,000/ m³;

- Rents on sea areas used for developing ports, terminals, auxiliary facilities and facilities for tourism, gas and oil production activities, etc. range from VND 6,500,000/ha/year to VND 7,500,000/ha/year;

- Rents on land areas intended for construction of suspension cable systems, floating, submarine, land reclamation facilities, artificial islands, civil construction and other works range from VND 6,000,000/ha/year to VND 7,500,000/ha/year;

- Rents on sea areas intended for building underwater pipelines, installing telecommunications and electromagnetic cables range from VND 5,000,000/ha/year to VND 7,500,000/ha/year;

- Rents on sea areas used for aquaculture and construction of fish ports range from VND 4,000,000/ha/year to VND 7,500,000 ha/year;

- Rents on sea areas intended for exploitation of energy of such types as oceanic wind, waves, tides, currents and other activities on sea areas range from VND 3,000,000/ha/year to VND 7,500,000/ha/year.

Based on the aforesaid ranges, every 5 years,

- Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment decides specific rents on sea areas under its and the Prime Minister’s assignment authority.

- Provincial People’s Committees decides specific rents on sea areas under their assignment authority.

Decree No. 11/2021/ND-CP is entering into force as of March 30, 2021.



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