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New regulations in the Decree No. 132 regarding tax administration for enterprises engaged in related-party transactions.

Hồng Thuận

General Department of Taxation issues the Official Dispatch No. 271/TCT-TTKT introducing new regulations in the Decree No. 132/2020/ND-CP regarding the tax administration for enterprises performing related-party transactions. Below are some of these regulations:

- Adding more regulations on the management and use of Country-by-Country reports of profits of taxpayers for the risk management and communication tasks, not for tax imposition purposes (as per point c of clause 1 of Article 20 in the Decree No. 132).  

- Adding the term “Authorized reporting entity” which indicates an entity authorized to act on behalf of the ultimate parent company of a corporation to submit international financial reports to tax authorities (as per clause 10 of Article 4 in the Decree 132).  

- Adding more regulations on non-application of regulations regarding limits on deductible loan interest costs used for determination of incomes subject to CIT which are generated from borrowed funds for social housing development projects belonging to the State-funded social welfare programs (as per clause 3 of Article 16 in the Decree No. 132).

For more details, please read the Official Dispatch 271/TCT-TTKT (issued on January 27, 2021).



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