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New instructions on classification of construction works are now available for use

Quý Tân

This regulation is set out in the Decree No. 06/2021/ND-CP regarding quality management, construction and maintenance of construction works.

According to this document, construction works will be classified by structural properties and functions, specifically as follows:

- Based on structural properties, construction works are classified into the followings (in the Decree No. 46/2015/ND-CP there is none of regulations for classification by this criterion):

+ Houses, home-type structures;

+ Bridges, roads, tunnels and ports;

+ Pillars, towers, tanks, silos, retaining walls, dykes, dams, embankments;

+ Pipeline structures;

+ Other structures.

- Based on functions, construction works are classified into the followings:

+ Civil works;

+ Industrial works;

+ Construction works providing technical infrastructure facilities and amenities;

+ Construction works providing traffic and transportation support;

+ Construction works used for agricultural production and rural development purposes;

+ Construction works used for national defense and security purposes.

The classification of construction works by their functions is regulated in detail in the Appendix I to the Decree No. 06/2021.

Decree No. 06/2021/ND-CP is entering into force as of January 26, 2021, replacing the Decree No. 46/2015/ND-CP dated May 12, 2015.



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