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Criteria for eligibility to receive a sum of 1 million dong as financial support for each unionist for Vietnamese Tet holidays

Thu Linh

Vietnam General Confederation of Labor issues the Decision No. 1921/QD-TLD regarding support for unionists or workers stricken by the Covid-19 epidemic and natural disasters in 2020 on 2021 Tet vacation.

According to this document, if unionists or employees working for enterprises or other organizations for at least 1 year (till December 31, 2020) fully meet prescribed eligibility criteria, they will be entitled to a financial support of 1 million dong per capita.

In detail, the General Confederation issues 05 instructions about these criteria, based on which grassroots trade unions may supplement and elaborate on them, depending on the number of unionists and employees and their available financial resources.

(1) They themselves or their spouses, children or parents (whom they are living with them and looking after on their own) have fatal diseases; they themselves are the disabled or suffer from accidents at workplace or occupational diseases, and are entitled to monthly allowances;  

(2) They work at enterprises in difficult situation due to Covid-19 that have to close their business, are out of work, take turns to get days-off or work at wide intervals, earn a unfixed amount of income in 2020 which equals not more than 3 million dong/month on average;

(3) They have to stop working at educational institutions for a period of at least 1.5 month, causing extremely adverse impacts on lives and income of theirs and their families due to Covid-19 and natural disasters in 2020;  

(4) They are in difficult situation, work at agencies, units or localities which are badly affected by natural disasters occurring in 2020;

(5) They face difficulties while being pregnant or taking care of children aged under 24 months, earn an average amount of monthly income less than the region-specific minimum pay amounts.

Decision No. 1921/QD-TLD is entering into force as of January 12, 2021.



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