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Tariff quotas on imports of salt and poultry eggs to take effect in 2021

Thu Sa

On December 24, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Trade promulgates the Circular No. 52/2020/TT-BCT regulating in-quota quantities and rules for administration of tariff quotas for import of salt and poultry eggs in 2021.

The Circular prescribes the number of in-quota import quantities of salt and poultry eggs in 2021, including:   

- Quota on imports of Chicken eggs (subheading 0407.21.00 and 0407.90.10), duck eggs (subheading 0407.29.10 and 0407.90.20), others (subheading 0407.29.90 and 0407.90.90) is 60,819 dozen (commercial clear eggs).

- Quota on imports of salt (heading 2501) is 80,000 tonnes.

In addition, import tariff quotas are allocated to the followings:

- Salt: Tariff quotas on imports of salt are allocated to traders directly using salt as ingredients for manufacturing of chemicals and formulation of drugs and medical products.

- Poultry eggs: Tariff quotas on imports of poultry eggs are allocated to traders holding Certificates of Business registration, Certificates of Enterprise registration that have import demands.

Circular No. 52/2020/TT-BCT is in effect from February 6, 2021 to end of December 31, 2021.



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