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Application and documentation requirements for airport business licenses

Thanh Lợi

On November 18, 2020, the Ministry of Transport promulgates the Circular No.30/2020/TT-BGTVT amending and supplementing the Circular No. 17/2016/TT-BGTVT dated June 30, 2016, providing specific regulations on management and operation of airports and aerodromes.

According to this document, application and documentation requirements for airport business licenses (briefly called licenses) are regulated as follows:

- Individual or corporate applicants send 01 set of application documents directly or by post or by other appropriate means to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, including:

+ Application form which is available as a given sample; 

+ Copy of the enterprise registration certificate;

+ Copy of the document evidencing the organizational machinery; list of certified or qualified staff members meeting professional requirements concerning operation of airports or aerodromes as per laws;

+ Original copy of the written document certifying capital;

+ Blueprint for the provision of equipment, appliances and other necessary amenities for aviation safety and security purposes.

- Within a period of 10 days of receipt of all required documents, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam must verify, evaluate application and approve of granting licenses in accordance with regulations and, if not, must send a written reply clearly stating reasons to the applicant;

If such application is found invalid, within the duration of 03 days of receipt of the application, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam will send a written reply, instructing the applicant how to submit the supplementary application or perfect their application in accordance with regulations.

The Circular No. 30/2020/TT-BGTVT is entering into force on January 15, 2021.



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