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Initiating Agreement on procedures for short-term movement from/to Japan

Nguyễn Liên

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues the Official Dispatch No. 3773/BNG-LS regarding the initiation of the Agreement on procedures for short-term movement from/to Japan.

According to this document, Vietnam will apply current instructions about passengers permitted for entry; procedures for application for entry permits; medical instructions for passengers entering Vietnam and those leaving for Japan. 

Passengers entering Vietnam from Japan for less than 14 days need to comply with the following regulations:

- Passengers must meet all of the criteria below:

+ They must be Japanese nationals or citizens if third countries leaving Japan and entering Vietnam to serve the following purposes: investors, experts, hi-tech workers, business executives, guests taking diplomatic or official visits and relatives of these persons;

+ They intend to stay in Vietnam for the period of under 14 days.

- Boarding, entry and medical supervision and monitoring after entry must conform to healthcare instructions for the prevention and control of Covid-19 disease in the Official Dispatch No. 4674/BYT-MT dated August 31, 2020 with several main points as follows:

+ Passengers undergoing these procedures will be free from the concentrated medical isolation requirement, but must be put under medical control and surveillance during their time in Vietnam;

+ Prior to boarding, passengers must present their Certificate of negative to Sars-Cov-2 (tests must be performed within the duration of 3-5 days before entry);

+ After entry, passengers must take the second tests and can work right after receipt of negative Sars-Cov-2 test results.

For more details, please read the Official Dispatch No. 3773/BNG-LS issued on October 30, 2020.


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