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Vietnamese enterprise’s required documents submitted to apply for house air waybills

Thùy Liên

On September 28, 2020, the Ministry of Transport promulgates the Circular No.21/2020/TT-BGTVT amending and supplementing certain Circulars on aviation transport.

According to this Circular, regulations on documentation requirements for Vietnamese enterprises’ application for house air waybills issued to them as set out in the Circular No. 81/2014/TT-BGTVT will be amended as follows:  

Vietnamese enterprises must submit 1 set of documents to apply for house air waybills directly or by post or by other appropriate means to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, including:

- Written application prepared by using the sample given in the Appendix to the Circular No. 21/2020/TT-BGTVT;

- Duplicate copy from the master register, or the copy enclosing the original for verification purposes, or the authenticated copy, of the Enterprise Registration Certificate, which is required in case of submitting applications directly.

 Authenticated copy of the Enterprise Registration Certificate which is required in case of submitting applications by post;

- Duplicate copy of the carrier’s house air waybill.

Vietnamese enterprises bear responsibility for information included in applications submitted. If any foreign carrier applies for an air waybill, they must look for more documents prescribed in clause 9 of Article 1 in the Circular No. 21/2020/TT-BGTVT (entering into force on November 15, 2020).



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